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Occasional lease

Many landlords in Poland require so called occasional lease except for a rental aggrement. Even if you are a foreigner, you can easily meet the requiements of occasional lease.

What do you need to do?

1. Sign the rental aggrement with your landlords.

2. Make a notary apppointment.

3. In the notary’s office, you need to sign a declaration of submission to enforcement and the obligation to empty and hand over the premises within the time limit indicated in the request. Also, you need to indicte another property (wherever in Poland) where you could move in, in the event of eviction or expiry of the occasional lease agreement. Remember that the indication must be confirmed by the owner of another property or a person who has the right of disposal of this property!!! So if you do not own a property which address you can put on – ask your family, friends, coworkers or employers.

4. Give the notarized papers over to the landlords.

Why is occasional lease so important?

Occasional lease was established to guarante legal protection for landlors and simplify the eviction of dishonest and non-paying tenants. In addition, this type of lease ensures the trouble-free course of the procedure to leave the apartment at the expiry of the contract. As far as the tenant is concerned, occasional lease ensures the transparency of the contract and strengthens their credibility in the eyes of the landlords. Given the circumstances, occasional lease has a significant advantage over the standard rental aggrement.

You can conduct the process of occasional lease on your own or contact me so I could help you at each step of the procedure and finalize the rental with you.

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